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A Few Collaborations...

It’s been an incredible year so far. As the hustle of the germinating season begins to give way to the catharsis of sales, stressful challenges are traded in for rewarding moments. Chief among these rewards is, of course, the opportunity to fulfill our company’s mission: supporting local urban agriculture. And that brings me to Appetite for Change!

We learned about Appetite for Change through our work in the Redeemer Center for Life’s community garden. Before we ever thought of Sovereign Starts, we were scouring every resource we had to find like-minded gardeners that believed in using free growing spaces as communal gathering spots. One connection turned into many, and before we knew it, we found ourselves at Breaking Bread Cafe, attending an informational meeting about Appetite for Change’s mission.

In a city full of convenience stores and franchised fast food restaurants, walking into Breaking Bread is a breath of fresh air. It’s clearly ingrained in, and an extension of the neighborhood where it is situated. As we dined on the cafe’s tasty offerings, we heard about how LaTasha Powell, Michelle Horovitz, and Princess Haley created the organization to use healthy food to enrich the health and wealth of north Minneapolis.

Fast forward a couple of years and we are bunch of trays of our treasured little seedlings to a sale that Appetite for Change runs, coming up this Sunday (May 22nd). By offering seedlings for a suggested donation of a dollar, Appetite for Change helps spread delicious organic veggies throughout the food desert that is North Minneapolis! But this is, of course, only one of many campeigns they are engaged in, in the pursuit of their mission. You can find out more about Appetite for Change and Breaking Bread Cafe at their websites: and

But that’s not all for this blog! We are also very proud to be sending a bunch of our garden kits over to the R. Roots Gardens, run by Queen Frye and M1C The Tiller. With locations on the 1900 and 2100 blocks of Penn Ave N, as well as on the 3700 block of Fremont Ave N, Queen and M1C provide beautiful, verdant spaces of growth and peace within the asphalt desert of the city. Check out more about their work at

These are only a couple of opportunities for collaboration supported by your help in purchasing our seedlings, so once again, thank you very much! We look forward to sharing even more exciting projects very soon, so stay tuned, and keep gathering in the gardens!

Waking up the garden, with the help of Youth N' Power!

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1 Comment

susan m jensen
susan m jensen
May 22, 2022

Im not surprised at all that you, Dan and Im sure others do for so many people. If I was able to help set up garden I would Love it BUT my issue with stability standing long etc, I need a cane, walker and my 3 seats to do my work. I laughed I saw a bare foot helper just like I still do. Go Go ith you all. Im planning on a smaller version garden bed as all my perennial I Pray will come back. I need to stop weeds but I get tired so maybe seeing all the things u do I may try tomorrow, Love My or Our plants. HAPPY YEAR AHEAD.

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