What we do


        We sell seedlings. So what exactly does that mean? Basically, we take care of the seed germination process, and the delicate, early weeks of growth. You pick the plant you want, and we deliver a young plant that has been "hardened off" (acclimatized to the outdoors) and given a great start to life, with nutrient rich soil, and plenty of attention.

        Our product is just the beginning, though. Our business adheres to a few standards, in accordance with our mission:

  • Support Community Food Gardens. We strongly believe that every city should be integrated with food gardens, to provide free supplement to our diets, to provide a communal space to gather, and to provide an education in surviving our natural environment. So we're starting with Minneapolis! ​​To do our small part in this big dream, we are still practicing our 1-to-1 program, in which we donate 1 seedling to a community garden, for every seedling purchased. In addition, our profits are invested in other forms of support, such as tool replacement, etc. Keep an eye on our community garden page, where we will soon provide an informational hub for all events/locations of community gardens in the city! 

  • No new plastics. To do our small part to leave a clean planet behind us, we do not use any single-use plastics, nor purchase new plastic products. All of our plastic seedling containers are repurposed, usually donated by gardeners. 

  • Support local business. As small business owners, we especially appreciate the value of recycling our resources back into our communities. That's why we purchase our supplies locally. This ranges from locally sourced and produced fertilizer, to soil ingredients, to thrifting our t-shirts and printing them with the help of a local print shop. Even some of our seeds are provided by local gardeners!

        So join us on this journey to reconnect to our powerful roots of self-sufficiency, and reconnect with each other, to build a strong and healthy foundation for our future.


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Our Mission


   Sovereign Starts Seedling Company is dedicating to a mission of community empowerment through autonomous food production. We are taking a multi-pronged approach to this goal.

  First, through the production and sale of affordable seedlings, we seek to help start food gardens in homes that are too busy, or otherwise unequipped for the germination process. Second, we distribute the proceeds of these sales to community gardens already engaged in the free distribution of food to the public! While Sovereign Starts is an economic entity, our goal is to use our economic engine to help establish and support a strong system of local food production and free distribution based on need. By supporting free food and strong community ties, we hope to foster good health, and happiness, and empower a purposeful approach shaping our community for future generations!