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Blazing Star

Blazing Star


Seeds from: Two Cabbage Heads Creamery, North Circle Seeds, Seed Savers, MI Gardener, Sandia Seeds, Prairie Restoration, & Prairie Moon Nursery.


This sturdy, native perennial can survive blazing heat or very cold conditions. It loves sun, but can survive under partial shade, as well. At maturity, these flowers grow up to 1'-5' tall! Blazing Star is known for its powerful attractiveness to pollinators of all kinds.

  • Details

    Your order will include two (2) seedlings in a single container, for every unit ($5.00) purchased. Orders over $50.00 total qualify for free delivery in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area! Orders that do not qualify for free delivery can opt to purchase delivery, or choose a free pick up option, to collect seedlings when they are grown.

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